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HTML Interview Questions & Answers
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HTML Interview Questions & Answers

 Differentiate between the HTML form methods GET and POST?

The method parameter defines which method the client is using to send information to the WEB server. The method determines which parameter you will look  the CGI request data in:

* POST - post_args
* GET - http_search_args

What is a tag?
A tag tells the browser what to do. When you write an HTML page, you enter tags for many reasons -- to change the appearing of text, to show a graphic, or to make a link to  one page to some other page.

Define meta tags and why it is used?
A: Html tag in the header section of a web page, signified to offer content to search engines. Among them are the keyword and description tags .

Differentiate between DIV and SPAN?
DIV is used to select a block of text so that one can apply styles to it.

SPAN is used to select inline text and let users to apply styles to it.

 The main difference between DIV and SPAN is SPAN does not do formatting by itself. Also the DIV tag is used as a paragraph break as it creates a logical division of the document in which it is applied.

How can you change the title of a framed document?
 To change the title displayed, a  link to a new frameset document using
TARGET="_top" (replacing the entire frameset).

How can you remove the border around frames?
Removing the border around frames involves both not drawing the frame borders and eliminating the space between the frames. The most widely supported way to display borderless frames is <FRAMESET ... BORDER=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 FRAMESPACING=0>.

Define CSS.    
A stylesheet language is used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. Cascading Style Sheets are a big breakthrough in Web design because they allow developers to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at once.

Define the attributes that make up a DHTML?
DHTML is called as  a Dynamic HTML .This is used to increase the interactive ability and the visual effect of the web pages which is loaded in the browser. technologies that are used in DHTML are namely:


Why is there extra space before or after the  table?
This is often caused by invalid HTML syntax. Specifically, it is often caused by loose content within the table (i.e., content that is not inside a TD or TH element).

Differentiate between jscript and javascript?
JScript & javascript are both scripting languages that facilitate development of web pages. It  is similar to javascript with difference in objects & functions exposed. JScript is supported and shipped by Microsoft and may be work best only on IE where as Javascript was initiated by netscape and can do work across all browsers consistently.

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