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J2ME Interview Questions & Answers
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J2ME Interview Questions & Answers

 Define J2ME ?
Java 2 Micro Edition(J2ME) is a group of specifications and technologies that pertain to Java on small devices. T devices, from the pagers and mobile . The J2ME world is divided into the configurations and profiles, specifications that describe a Java environment for a specific class of device.

What is a RMI ?

Remote method invocation (RMI) is a feature of J2SE that enables to the Java objects running in one virtual machine to invoke the methods of Java objects running in another virtual machine.

Define Generic Connection Framework?

It is very easy for wireless devices to make the network connections. It is part of a CLDC and CDC and resides in the package.

What’s WDP?

Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP)is worked as the transport layer of WAP. WDP processes datagrams from the upper layers to formats required by the different physical datapaths like GSM SMS or CDMA Packet Data.

What is JCP ?

The Java Community Process (JCP) is an open the organization of international Java developers and licensees who develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference the implementations.

What is a OTA ?

Over The Air (OTA) refers to the wireless networking technology.

What is kXML ?

The kXML project provides a small of footmark of XML parser that can be used with the J2ME.

Define PCS ?

Personal Communications Service (PCS) is a second-generation, digitally modulated mobile-communications the interfaces that includes TDMA, CDMA, and GSM. PCS serves as an umbrella term for the second-generation wireless technologies operating in the 1900MHz range.

What is the Personal Profile ?

The Personal Profile is a J2ME profile the specification. Layered on the Foundation Profile and CDC, the Personal Profile will be the future generation of PersonalJava technology.

Define TDMA ?

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is a second-generation modulation standard using bandwidth the allocated in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz, and 1900MHz ranges.

What is WTLS ?

Wireless Transport Layer Security protocal (WTLS) does all cryptography oriented features of WAP. WTLS handles encryption/decryption, user authentication and data integrity.

Define WTP ?

Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) is WAP's transaction protocol that works between the session protocol WSP and security protocol WTLS. WTP cuts data packets into lower level datagrams and concatenates received datagrams into useful data.

What is WMLScript

WMLScript is a subset of the JavaScript scripting language designed to as part of the WAP standard .

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