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MySQL Interview Questions & Answers
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MySQL Interview Questions & Answers

 What is Primary Key?
A primary key is a single column or multiple columns is defined to have unique values that can be used as a row identifications.

What is Transaction?

MySQL server is introduced the transaction concept to allow users to group one or more SQL statements into a single transaction, so that the effects of all the SQL statements in a transaction can be either all committed or all rolled back. A transaction is a logical unit of work requested by a user to be applied to the database objects.

What are the indexes?

An index is an internal structure which is provided quick access to rows of a table based on the values of more than one columns.

What is a foreign key?

A foreign key is a constraint associates one or more columns in a table with an identical set of columns on which a primary key has been defined in another table. A foreign key may refer to the primary key of another table or same table.

What is the advantages of MySQL against oracle?

MySQL are many advantages in comparison to Oracle.

  1. MySQL is Open a source, which can be available any time
  2. MySQL has no cost of development purpose.
  3. MySQL has most of features , which oracle provides
  4. MySQL day by day updating with the new facilities.
  5. Good for small application.
  6. Easy to learn and to become master.
  7. MySQL has a good power these days.

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