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XML Interview Questions & Answers
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XML Interview Questions & Answers

 How to create XML file?
we can create by the plain text editor like notepad or by .net model using so many in built methods like XmlTextWriter etc.

Define a XML Namespace?

A namespace to avoid the confusion involves using a prefix and adding an xmlns attribute to the tag to give the prefix a qualified name associated with the namespace. All the child elements with the same prefix are linked with the namespace fixed in the start tag of an component.

Differentiate between SAX parser and DOM parser?

SAX parser - works incrementally and generate the events that are passed to the application.

DOM parser - reads the whole XML document and returns a DOM tree representation of xml document.

Differentiate between XML and HTML?


  • User definable tags
  • Content driven End tags
  • Quotes
  • Slash


  • Defined set of tags
  • Format driven
  • End tags not required
  • Quotes not required
  • Slash not required

What is DOM?

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an interface specification maintained by the W3C DOM Workgroup.

Why XML is important in development?

XML removes the two constraints which were holding the back Web developments:dependence on a single, inflexible document type (HTML).

Define XPointer?

XPointer is a set of recommendations developed by the W3C. These schemes, e.g., element() or xpointer(), are actually QNames. The xmlns() scheme makes it possible for an XPointer to declare namespace bindings and thereby the use third-party schemes as readily as W3C defined XPointer schemes.

Define three essential components of security does the XML Signatures provide?

  1. Authentication,
  2. message integrity,
  3. and non-repudiation

Define an XML namespace prefix?

It is a prefix used to specify that a local element type or attribute name is in a particular XML namespace.

Why the XML has an importance in development?

XML removes the two constraints which were holding back Web developments:

  1. Dependence on a single, inflexible document type (HTML) which was being much abused for tasks it was never designed for;
  2. The complexity of full SGML, whose syntax allows many powerful but hard-to-program options. 

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